Joan is a freelance Director of Photography, Camera Operator and co-funder of the production company Olifant Films Ltd based in London. Having been trained on the cinema school ESCAC by the hand of directors of photography as Eduard Grau ("Buried", "A Single Man") , Xavi Giménez ("Agora", "The Machinist") or Tomàs Pladevall ("The Silence Before Bach", "El Pianista"), he started his career in London as a DoP of fiction and commercials.


He had the chance to try so many styles and different technics on many different projects and he has developed a fresh and stylish eye for the cinematography. He is passionate and enthusiastic of the photography and makes him investigate and be aware of all the new technics and technologies on the market.


He has work for brands like Unilever, Marks & Spencer, Barclays, UBS, Yumi, Royal Canin, Ideas Britain, Lyca Mobile, Swarovsky, Pinterest, Sainsbrury, etc. and actors and actress like Carice van Houten, Samantha Barks, Robert Kazinsky, Tim McInnerny, Gilbert Gottfried, James Buckley, MyAnna Buring, Jimmy Carr and Neil Stuke between others.